Working at KLUTCHclub, we get to try/sample/test a lot of awesome products. Our team is comprised of all sorts of individuals with different health and fitness goals, so depending on the product, some of us get quite excited when new innovative products get delivered. Back in February, I got the crazy idea to sign up for a marathon. I picked a low key training plan (Hal Higdon Novice 1), got fitted for some new kicks, and started ticking off the boxes on the training plan.  Sure enough, the training plan got me to the finish line, and on May 4th at the Wisconsin Marathon, I officially became a marathoner. Obviously, training was hard work and took mental strength, but I also have to give some shout outs to some all-star KLUTCHclub products that were a tremendous help during the training process.

1. yurbuds

I enjoy music-less Zen running, but sometimes you need some beats to take your mind off the task at hand (running lots of miles). Chicago also has this winter that seemed to last forever, forcing some of my training to take place on the treadmill. yurbuds not only greatly improve the quality of the sound, but these headphones are comfortable and stay securely in your ears even with the constant rhythm of running . Download some FitRadio (free app of AWESOME workout jams) and pop in your yurbuds and the treadmill suddenly gets 100x easier (it’s science). yurbudsklutchclub  

2. Dream Water.

I would be lying if I told you that the long runs on the weekend didn’t give me anxiety. I would also be lying if I told you that increasing my mileage didn’t take a toll on my body. Dream Water helped with both! Increased sleep is recommended for marathon training to assist with recovery, so getting to bed early was essential. I also had to fit my running into my busy schedule, which made early AM wake up calls the standard. Downing a Dream Water helped me fall asleep naturally and wake up feeling ready to run. Since I used it in my training, I was able to confidently use it the night before the marathon to get a solid night of sleep before the big day. dreamwaterklutchclub

3. Fresh Feet Wipes.

One of my favorite things to do on the weekends during marathon training was to run to a delicious destination and meet my friends or husband for breakfast or brunch. I would arrive completely out of breath and ready to chow down. Being the total clean freak, my first step would be to hit the bathroom and wash my hands and face. I HATE the feeling of dirty hands, and after a run, the salty sweat feeling post workout was especially irritating. I started packing a Fresh Feet Wipe for post-run cleans ups and I was able to wipe down my hands, arms, and face and get rid of that terrible feeling on my skin without any irritating chemicals. My face was often sensitive from exposure to the elements and Fresh Feet Wipes were gentle enough to use without issue. FFWklutchclub   Just as I learned more about my physical capabilities, I also learned more about the functionality and multi-tasking capabilities of the products we pick for our monthly boxes. Training is tough. Seek out products that make it easier. We are here to help (that what we do). Any all-star KLUTCHclub products that have helped you reach a health or fitness goal?