We want KLUTCHclub to be a resource that helps our members be a better version of themselves. Maybe it sounds cliché, but we believe a healthy lifestyle is a journey and not a destination. Since we’re all in this thing together, we want to see your #KLUTCHmoments that you have experienced along the way.


What is a #KLUTCHmoment? Anything that deserves a high five. Big changes come from lots of little changes, so it’s important to celebrate along the way. I’ll go first. Here’s some of my #KLUTCHmoments:


klutchmoment2The ideas for a #KLUTCHmoment are endless…

Making Monday meatless Pushing that extra mile on the treadmill Adding a mug of green tea to your mid-morning snack Taking a walk on your lunch break Trying a new yoga class Bringing your own Skinny Pop to the movies instead of the 5000 calorie bucket Making Jaali Bean for dinner when you are tempted by take out

Now it’s YOUR turn!


You don’t have to buy anything, or jump through any hoops, simply share a photo of a #KLUTCHmoment and you will be entered to win some Skinny Pop. We have 3 one-month supplies of Skinny Pop that will be randomly selected from everyone that submits a photo between March 20th through April 10th.  How to Share: Simply use one of the social media platforms below and show us! We will be compiling the photos our Facebook album so we can use everyone’s #KLUTCHmoments as inspiration and encouragement. Ready, Set, Go!