When we first started looking into the benefits chewing gum can have for you, we were skeptical to say the least. But, weren’t we in for a surprise?! As explained by credible sources CNNHealth and WIRED.com, gum may be more than a habit to pass the time. Studies have shown that gum can actually increase your cognitive acuity and help calm your appetite. Read on to find out the facts (and benefits) that had our jaws to the ground…. Is this for real? Studies have found interesting results concerning the effects chewing gum may have on a person’s cognitive ability. For example, people chewing gum performed much better on demanding cognitive tasks like puzzles and repeating random numbers backwards than those who did not chew gum. It’s also shown that chewing gum is a better test aid than caffeine. A test using mint gum found that people chewing gum had a dramatic decrease in feeling of sleepiness. So what does all this mean to you? Chewing gum provides a beneficial increase in brain acuity, focus and energy. With all that extra energy you can get that afternoon workout in or finally organize that ever-growing junk drawer. What is the cause of the boost? It’s hard to say, but it is thought that the mental boost comes from the muscle movement needed to chew, which in turn wakes the brain up. The act of chewing also tricks your body into feeling full. Have you ever been out and about craving sweets and everything you know you shouldn’t eat? Chewing gum is a great way to satisfy your want for the junk food, saving you from the guilt later on. Are there “healthier” alternatives to traditional chewing gum? You bet! Immuno Gum is great for all the above, including immunity! You can benefit from Immuno Gum because it is packed with Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea – each of these vitamins work together to build up you immune system and provide great defense against the germs and bacteria that can have you lying in bed with the sniffles. However, when taking any sort of supplement it is always wise to consult your physician first, especially if taking it with any other drugs or natural treatments. If you’re looking for a mid-day pick me up, you can find your pack of Immuno Gum in our February Men’s and Women’s boxes.